Avocados - Don't make this mistake..

Oct 14, 2019

It's football season, and what better to snack on then fresh guacamole with your favorite chips or vegetables. If you are one of the thousands enjoying the ever delicious avocado, be sure that you rinse and dry the fruit, as you would any other, before slicing it regardless of eating the peel or not.

We often don't think about the journey our food encounters before it reaches us - from harvesting, transporting, market to fellow consumers like yourself who may give it a squeeze before it goes home with you. Each of these processes invite potential bacteria and viruses to be introduced to the peel.

When you cut into the fruit, you could move any present pathogens from the outside to the inner goodness you intend to eat. Some of the bacteria could make you sick.

The UC ANR Publication #8121 states that when possible, scrub fruits and vegetables with a clean scrub brush or with hands to remove excess dirt and germs. Be sure to then dry your fruits and vegetables with disposable paper towels. It is not necessary to use antibacterial soaps or dish detergents to wash fruits and vegetables because soap or detergent residues can remain on the produce. To prevent cross contamination, do not soak fruits and vegetables.

So before you treat yourself to those delicious, buttery green fruits, be sure to take a couple of minutes and exercise caution following the steps above to ensure a good time with no regrets.

To learn more, go to the UC ANR Nutrition, Personal Finance, and Food Safety website.




By Tammy Majcherek
Author - Community Educator II

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