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South Coast Research and Extension Center (South Coast REC) was established by the University of California in 1956 as a representative site for agricultural and horticultural research in California's south coastal plain-temperate climatic zone. Located on 200 acres of deep, moderately sloped, alluvial fan soil, the Center and its mild winter climate are conducive to farming a wide range of crops including subtropicals as well as ornamentals for the urban landscape. (more..)

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  • A gift from Mother Nature....

    Added October 17, 2016
    RainyDay SCREC

    Rain in Southern California? Yes it really does happen.  It was so pleasing to wake during the middle of the night only to hear rain on the roof. What is especially nice is that it is coming down very slow. This constant light mist/drizzle is...

  • Kuroshio Shot-Hole Borer Damage

    Added September 2, 2016
    Invasive KuroshioShotHoleBorer

    During a recent interview with Channel 6 News in San Diego, Dr. John Kabashima calls for vigilance in combating the Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer that is devastating the Tijuana River Valley. Click on the link below to watch the full...

  • South Coast REC has a new addition...

    Added September 1, 2016
    A new addition arrives at South Coast REC, a.k.a. the new home of the OC Farm Bureau.

    A big change has taken place at the UC ANR South Coast REC - the new building which has been a collaborative effort between the Orange County Farm Bureau and the Center, arrived last week just in time for the Annual OC Farm Bureau...

  • Using New Technology to Manage Open Acreage

    Added September 1, 2016

    Viewing a recent video from USA Today demonstrating the potential that drones have to help farmers manage water use in the fields, it makes one start to think about the open spaces in urban areas - parks, conservation lands, green...

  • UC Cooperative Extension Forces Combat Beetles

    Added July 5, 2016
    Female Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. Photo by Gevork Arakelian, LA County Agricultural Commissioner

    Southern California landscapes in six known counties are faced with an epidemic situation. First, there was the issue of the Polyphagous Shot Borer decimating local trees,  now we have the  Goldspotted Oak Borer killing...

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