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South Coast Research and Extension Center (South Coast REC) was established by the University of California in 1956 as a representative site for agricultural and horticultural research in California's south coastal plain-temperate climatic zone. Located on 200 acres of deep, moderately sloped, alluvial fan soil, the Center and its mild winter climate are conducive to farming a wide range of crops including subtropicals as well as ornamentals for the urban landscape. (more..)

Please explore our website. Specific contents include announcements, calendar reminders, local weather,  along with past and current research reports.

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  • UC Cooperative Extension Forces Combat Beetles

    Added July 5, 2016
    Female Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. Photo by Gevork Arakelian, LA County Agricultural Commissioner

    Southern California landscapes in six known counties are faced with an epidemic situation. First, there was the issue of the Polyphagous Shot Borer decimating local trees,  now we have the  Goldspotted Oak Borer killing...

  • Current State of the Drought

    Added June 6, 2016
    California State of the Drought as of May 31, 2016

    While Northern California can boast about the rain received this last season, Southern California is not so lucky. Folks, we are still in a drought as you can see by the US Drought Monitor map below. Please continue to conserve water in and around your...

  • Save the Date! ABCs of Plant Pathology Workshop

    Added June 6, 2016

    Be sure to save the date for the upcoming ABCs of Plant Pathology workshop (both Spanish and English sessions available) on June 30 in Ventura, CA. UC Cooperative Extension advisors Jim Downer and María de la Fuente will present plant pathology...

  • Handling the drought?

    Added March 17, 2016

    Well, it doesn't look like we are going to get the rain that was predicted. So, how do we continue to conserve even more precious water? Fear not! I have just the event for you - be sure to check out the OC Garden Friendly event being held at Home Depot...

  • Join the experts.....

    Added February 19, 2016

    Experts Converge in March to Discuss Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution—Tunyalee Martin, UC Statewide IPM Program Wildlife and people have been in the news lately. Perhaps you've heard of coyotes wandering in your neighborhood. You might have also...

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