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South Coast Stewards Volunteer Program

Now accepting applications!

We are excited to announce the creation of the South Coast Stewards Community Education Team! This new volunteer group, headquartered at South Coast Research & Extension Center, will aid in extending research-based information to youth and adults in and around Orange County through events and workshops, as well as assisting with the care, maintenance, and expansion of orchards, germplasm collections, and vegetable row crops. 

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Situated on 200 acres, South Coast Research & Extension Center is a "farm" unlike any other in the region. Home to forty active research projects, this outdoor laboratory houses an eclectic collection of subtropical fruit trees, ornamentals, and seasonal row crop vegetables. Volunteers will gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside South Coast staff and researchers learning agricultural, horticultural, and natural resource management practices. Members of the South Coast Steward volunteer team will practically apply this knowledge to the care and maintenance of orchards through techniques like pruning, grafting, and propagation, and through the community education programs they deliver to the public. 

To become a South Coast Steward, volunteers must make a two-year commitment, and be able to volunteer at least fifty hours each year. Livescan background checks are mandatory, and volunteers will be required to complete in person and virtual training as assigned. 

The South Coast Steward application period will open on January 4th, 2021 and will close by end of the day, Sunday, January 31st.

For any questions, please email Jason at jrsuppes@ucanr.edu