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The South Coast Research & Extension Center (South Coast REC) is soliciting proposals for new research and extension projects July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.

Located on 200 acres in Orange County, South Coast REC research and extension projects and programs focus on a variety of agriculture and natural resource topics including variety development, crop and landscape pest management, irrigation management, plant disease, rootstock development, and alternative weed control methods in managed systems. As reclaimed water is the main irrigation source provided to the Center by the local water district, researchers can assist in the development of reclaimed water management strategies; an increasingly important resource for the long-term sustainability of agriculture and urban environments. The Center also continues to welcome the submission of research and extension projects addressing broader topics, such as the impacts of climate change on urban and agricultural ecosystems.

The Center provides research projects with skilled farming equipment operators, irrigators, some limited indoor research facilities (ex. plant sample processing lab), and technical and management support. Projects led by UC academics receive funding directly from UC ANR and South Coast REC to reduce the actual cost of research and extension at the Center. Proposals from non-UC organizations will be considered if resources (space and labor) are available, but the full cost rate is charged plus the non-university differential (NUD currently is set at 36%). 

Estimated full cost recharge rates and anticipated UC ANR funding levels for UC-led research projects for South Coast REC for 2023-24 are listed in the table below. Final approval of these rates is pending. Additional funding is available through the REC Booster Grant Program. The REC Booster Grant Program is for researchers new to the REC or Co-PIs initiating new research where they are serving as the PI through the REC Booster Grant Program. Please contact South Coast REC Director, Darren Haver at dlhaver@ucanr.edu, for more information about eligibility and the amount of funding available.

Type of Recharge

Full Cost

UC Affiliated PI

Direct Research Rate



Square Foot Rate for greenhouse, lathhouse, container, and lab space



Per acre Rate



New Projects

Proposed new projects should complete the New Project Proposal Form as well as the online Land, Labor, and Facilities portion to provide the South Coast REC staff detailed information on the needs of your research project, including acreage and greenhouse needs, labor, and technical advice.

Proposals should be submitted into the REC Proposal System via the South Coast REC Website (http://screc.ucanr.edu/Research/Submitting_a_Proposal/). Detailed directions are provided in the document, Directions for Entering New and Continuing Projects, to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

The system is currently open for off-cycle proposals until April 1, 2024.

Continuing Projects and Completed Projects

Existing projects wishing to continue will need to confirm this during the open call process (April 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024) by logging into the REC Proposal System and selecting the green Continue button or selecting the yellow Complete button if the project is completed. Please follow the system prompts to either submit a continuing project or close out a completed research project.

A continuing project will only need to submit a short Annual Report for Continuing REC Project identifying accomplishments in the previous year and any significant changes to the original research proposal. Issues still remain with the system and you may encounter errors during the process. Detailed directions are provided in the document, Directions for Entering New and Continuing Projects, to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Projects completed in 23-24 will need to complete and upload a Completion Report.

For questions about research opportunities at South Coast REC or technical difficulties with the proposal process, please reach out to the following:

Darren Haver, Center Director, dlhaver@ucanr.edu 

Chris Martinez, Superintendent, cpmartinez@ucanr.edu

Kat Hicklin, Business Officer, khicklin@ucanr.edu